Below are the Partner Organizations with whom we have connections and work together to communicate quality events and register teachers. Some of the organizations are early founder organizations in their mindfulness area and our relationship with them offers key collaboration and enables us to be kept up to date on particular field developments.

Partner Organizations use Mindful Directory to share details of their events and key mindfulness teachers. They have all committed to providing quality trained facilitators and in many cases their trainers are field leaders. Partner Organizations have documented their processes and training structures as Mindfulness Training Organizations and have made a commitment to provide only quality trained facilitators for all their events.

Our partners are listed in categories. Hover or tap a category label to view more information.

Training PartnerOrganisation which trains others to teach mindfulness. They may also offer courses to the public.
Teaching PartnerOrganisation which offers mindfulness courses to the public.
Professional PartnerDoes not teach or train mindfulness but offers other services to the field.

To apply to be a Partner Organization please complete the application form here: