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Connect with mindfulness practitioners from around the world! The Mindful Directory attracts more than 8K monthly users and 24,000 sessions—all searching for mindfulness teachers and events. This ever-growing global community is eager to connect with professionals as they learn how to meditate and work to develop their mindfulness practice.

Registration in the Mindful Directory, includes the following benefits:
  • Gain access to an established audience: The Mindful audience comprises passionate people interested in connecting with mindfulness experts to deepen their practice.
  • Built-in promotions: Mindful will promote these listings to our large and dedicated audience, providing exposure to your work and the mindfulness services you provide. Our Mindful audience includes 230,000+ email subscribers, 820,000+ social reach, and 995,000+ online sessions monthly.
  • Display our branding: As an approved Mindful Directory professional, you will be able to show your registration by branding your website and personal stationery with our registered teacher/professional logo.
  • Promote your events: As a registered professional, you have the opportunity to list your events for visibility by our community of practitioners. Events can range from introductory mindfulness courses to weekly meditation sessions or advanced retreats.
  • Receive exclusive offers from Mindful Magazine: As a registered professional, you can subscribe to Mindful at a discounted rate with access to our full digital library of mindfulness resources.

Registration Costs

Mindful Directory conveniently offers three subscription options and pricing structures:


Supported Rate

$20 monthly – or – $200 annually

Standard Rate

$25 monthly – or – $250 annually

Supporting Rate

$30 monthly – or – $300 annually

We are a dedicated team passionate about promoting mindfulness and serving the mindfulness community. An overarching vision of providing easily accessible and comparable information and a commitment to quality drives all that we do. Whether or not you decide to register, we would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have. Please contact us with any questions, ideas or support requests.