Mindful Directory

A Worldwide Directory of Mindfulness Professionals and Events


Mindful Directory, a collaboration with mindful.org, is a global platform where mindfulness professionals and training organizations share their details and display event information.  On the Directory you will find a range of meditation courses, retreats and teachers.


Mindful Directory brings together mindfulness meditation teachers and professionals and events in one convenient location with easy markers to identify the levels of training and the types of mindfulness events being offered.

To support the field and help maintain quality standards; only teachers and professionals who provide information on their training can join the directory. Professional training and experience in the field is publicly displayed to support informed decision making by the public.

We work hard to collaborate with field leaders in many countries, we engage with our peers and ‘Guiding Colleagues’ to monitor requirements and accessibility to all countries whilst maintaining high standards for directory listing and credentials transparency.

For whom

Professional Directory: Split into categories, those registered range from professionals incorporating mindfulness into their area of expertise to very experienced mindfulness trainers.

Events Directory: Split into categories, the events listed range from introductory courses to advanced teacher training or retreats meaning Mindful Directory is useful for anyone with an interest in mindfulness.