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teacher training

Trauma-informed and effective mindfulness teaching

May 17, 2024


This workshop draws on clinical research and lived experience to work with trauma in mindfulness-based work.

This training will enable you to identify signs of trauma in your participants and provide practical ways of helping participants manage it. It will help you understand what challenges and adaptations you may need to make to your standard teaching to help support people with trauma histories.

We approach the training from different perspectives: clinicians working in the field of trauma, researchers discussing the evidence base for what we know is effective, and service users sharing their experience of what worked and what didn’t work.

Event Details

May 17, 2024
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Specific Audience:
People working in the field of mindfulness
This event will be taught by:
Robert Marx, Clara Strauss, and Richard Giplin

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Sussex Mindfulness Centre

Sussex Mindfulness Centre

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At Sussex Mindfulness Centre we aim to improve wellbeing through mindfulness. We bring together mindfulness practice, research and training. We do this for the benefit of people with mental or physical health challenges and the wider community. We want to learn more about who and how mindfulness can help. We have heartfelt values: helping those in need, with compassion, based on evidence


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