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Compassionate Leadership Teacher Training [8-Month]

February 28, 2024


If you are passionate and ready to lead this movement, join us for the inaugural global cohort of Compassionate Leadership Teacher Training. Learn the evidence-based tools, practices, and principles that will equip you to train and inspire leaders and changemakers to create lasting shifts. It’s time to bring our innate wisdom and the power of compassion to the forefront of leadership so that individuals, organizations, and systems can thrive.

What You’ll Experience
– A powerful learning journey to deepen your understanding of the science of compassion, proven leadership development practices, and the integration of the two to create more effective teams and work environments.
– A supportive and engaged community of fellow compassionate leaders bringing change to organizations, promoting employee flourishing and creating a better world.
– A concrete framework for architecting cultural change to shape the roles, routines, culture and networks of a given context to create a more successful organization.
– Practices to deepen personal compassion and leadership capacities – both for yourself and those you teach and lead.
– A foundation of self-compassion to lead yourself and others with greater ease and authenticity.

What You’ll Learn
– How to facilitate the Compassionate Leadership Certification 8-week program, a 12-hour, research-based training shown to grow self-compassion, compassion for others, compassion at work, and compassion for the greater good
– A deep dive into a compassionate and human-centered approach to creating positive change in organizational contexts. You will learn to embody and teach deeper awareness and compassion and apply it at an individual and organizational level. This includes skills for creating psychological safety, fostering compassionate communication, building environments of deep belonging, and strategies for changing systems for the benefit of all
– How to respond to real world obstacles and challenges that keep individuals and organizations stuck in outmoded forms of leadership. Learn how to build a compelling case to inspire leaders and organizations to adopt compassionate principles and practices in alignment with the organization’s mission.
– Grounding in the fundamentals of scientific research relevant to compassionate leadership, including psychology, neuroscience, and organizational behavior
– Research-based structures & approaches to creating cultures that are both compassionate and effective
– How to create environments of safety, connection, and belonging in your courses and in leadership
– Tools and practices for leading compassionately that you can teach others and use in your own life

In the Compassionate Leadership Teacher Training, you will learn to share the specific curriculum that 90% of alumni said that they would recommend to their friends and colleagues. Over 70% of alumni interviewed said that they had seen changes in their organization as a result of this compassionate leadership training.

In 2023, the Center for Compassionate Leadership completed an 18 month longitudinal study of the 8-week curriculum by world-class educational evaluators at Claremont Graduate University. They found that participants showed statistically significant increases in:
– Self-compassion
– Compassion for others
– Compassion at work
– Resilience

Compassionate Leadership Teacher Training is approximately 8 months in duration, consisting of two phases: Learning & Practice, and the Teaching Practicum.

Admissions Timing
Applications will be decided on a rolling basis through January 15, 2024. Applications received by December 17, 2023 will be notified of their admission decision by December 31, 2023.

Total cost for the program is $4,950 / £3,960. You can save with the early bird discount by applying before December 17 and you can reap further savings of $700 / £560 if you pay in full within 2 weeks of acceptance.

Find out more about the program and apply here: https://www.centerforcompassionateleadership.org/teacher-training

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February 28, 2024
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The Center for Compassionate Leadership envisions a more compassionate, peaceful world where leaders are able to activate their full potential for the greater good of all. Our mission is to advance compassionate methods of leadership by integrating best practices of modern leadership, evidence-based science, and contemplative wisdom. The Center accomplishes this through thought leadership, research, curriculum and training, collaborative community events and partnerships. Be the first to receive details on our upcoming Compassionate Leadership Training Offerings: https://www.centerforcompassionateleadership.org/request-advance-information




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