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Online Silent Retreat Day with Erik van den Brink

February 5, 2023 @ 9:15 am - 4:30 pm GMT

An online silent retreat day from the Mindfulness Network Community Friends with Erik van den Brink, co-founder of MBCL.

THEME: Compassionate relating to our inner landscape – the low and the high road.

The intention of this silent retreat is to gently hold the space enabling you to deepen your personal practice of mindfulness-based practice in compassion as taught in Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL). MBCL is recognised as a follow-on course to foundational mindfulness-based programs (MBSR, MBCT or equivalent) by BAMBA and VMBN (the Netherlands based mindfulness teaching network).The teachings and guided meditations are offered in a space of noble silence through sitting, lying, and mindful qigong movement, as we cultivate the exploration of our inner landscape, kindly relating to the ‘inner animal’ and the ‘inner story-teller’. The day could be followed in combination with the MNCF Silent Retreat Day on Sunday 19 November 2023, guided by Frits Koster, the other co-founder of MBCL

The online silent retreat will include:
· periods of both guided and self-directed practice
· short talks
· periods of silence to enable you to connect more fully with your inner experience
· an encouragement to use the time in the morning and afternoon breaks and lunch break for self-care, and continued silent practice

This event is offered in collaboration with the Mindfulness Network Community Friends (MNCF) – an initiative to engage the wider mindfulness community and reach new audiences. Led by a Committee of Volunteers, supported by the Mindfulness Network, we work together to run a program of donation-based events and inspiring content. The Committee ensures that the MNCF can best serve everyone by providing opportunities to practice and learn together.

Click on the joining link for more information and to register.

This retreat is freely offered to anyone who can benefit. Any donations towards the cost of this and towards supporting others on their mindfulness journey are gratefully received. A suggested donation of £25 will help us keep offering these events, but we recognise that this is a lot of money for many, so please donate what you feel you can or just attend. You can read about how we use donations here: https://home.mindfulness-network.org/donate/

The Mindfulness Network and its volunteers take every care in their preparation of events to make sure they are appropriate for the audience. Please be aware that you are choosing to participate in our freely offered events at your own risk. We invite you to carefully consider your own personal circumstances and experience when joining these events. The Mindfulness Network Terms and Conditions apply (though payment and cancellation policies are not relevant for freely offered Events) and the Mindfulness Network can not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage, suffered during or in relation to the event, however this may be caused.

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February 5, 2023
9:15 am - 4:30 pm GMT
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Mindfulness for life (MBCT-L)

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The Mindfulness Network is a registered charity. We serve the mindfulness community and general public through supervision, retreats and training courses delivered both in-person and via our online platform - the Mindfulness Network Community site. The Mindfulness Network Community Friends (MNCF) is an initiative to engage the wider mindfulness community and reach new audiences through donation-based events and opportunities to practice. Led by a Committee of Volunteers, supported by the Mindfulness Network, we work together to run a programme of events and inspiring content. By developing mindfulness and compassion both internally and through our services, the Mindfulness Network has the intention to reduce/alleviate human suffering, promote well-being and create the conditions in which people, communities and the planet, can flourish. We aim to bring together highly-trained mindfulness-based supervisors, retreat leaders and teacher trainers who all work within Good Practice Standards set out by the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA).


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