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Mindfulness Out Loud to Enhance Ethical Responding: A Trans-therapeutic Relational Practice for Extreme States of Mind, Body, & Behavior. A two-part training.

February 12, 2021 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm UTC-5

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For highly distressed clients with insecure attachment histories, Relational Mindfulness Practices (RMP) can serve as the foundation for a silent intra-personal mindfulness and compassion practice. Clinicians can also benefit from RMP to enhance compassionate responding with the support of peers. Mindfulness Out Loud (MOL) for emotional processing of extreme states is a formal RMP developed for people (CLINICIANS INCLUDED) with high levels of stress and the range of emotions that accompany it. The MOL RMP supports exposure therapy as well as development of intra- and interpersonal relational responding typical of securely attached individuals. MOL is a deliberate RM and exposure therapy practice that integrates CBT and Interpersonal Emotional Processing (IEP) practices to support health of mind, body, and behaviors.

The MOL practice was developed as an adaptation to exposure therapy when treating highly stressed clients experiencing severe comorbid anxiety, trauma-related, and OCD diagnoses (see article entitled “META for GAD”). It is part of the brief mindfulness-based training program, Mindful Exposure Therapy for Anxiety (META), that integrates Mindfulness Based Program (MBP) and IEP elements. Participants learn to deconstruct intense emotion and use its elements to cue covert and overt adaptive responding. This transtherapeutic intervention enhances intra- and interpersonal relationship effectiveness and results in adaptive automaticity even and especially during times of severe stress. The META program elements, including MOL and RMP, support emotional processing of corrective information during exposure therapy and other high stress situations to strengthen intentional and adaptive responding.

Both MOL and RM practices from the META program can also be implemented by mental health professionals to train compassionate relating in response to challenging clients. When practiced with professional peers using the guidelines of the structured consultation practice called Mindful Case Consultation (MCC) it serves as an efficient model of peer collaboration that reduces stress for ourselves and our clients.

This two-part workshop begins with experiential practice. All participants first learn and practice elements of Modules 3 and 4 of the META program. Each module is a 2.5 hour curriculum that can implemented flexibly. Module 3 focuses on IEP and the challenge of cultivating internal and external resources to reduce stress, its sequelae, and the range of primary negative emotions people experience when highly distressed. Module 3 includes formal RMP in confidential break out rooms. This is followed by continued RMP in the larger group where inquiry that supports processing and application is experienced as a participant-practitioner. After practice and processing of Module 3 attendees will receive the formal curriculum for Module 3 that includes specific RMP contemplation topics that enhance learning of MBP elements. Participants will implement Module 3, with a practice partner or client, before attending part two of this training. At Part 2 attendees will experience the MCC and practice all elements of Module 4 that focuses on motivating behavior change compassionately and sustaining it with deliberate practice to enhance interpersonal connection. Attendees will contemplate a specific challenging case using MOL and RMP. After practice and processing of Module 4.

Attendees will receive the formal curriculum for Module 4 that includes specific RM contemplation topics that enhance learning of MBP elements. All attendees will have option of joining guided peer consultation groups or forming their own. As well, participants who complete both parts of this CE training will be invited to participate in the full META training program that includes non-professionals in 2021 to directly experience how it is applied with people experiencing a range of conditions marked by extreme stress. More at https://www.meta4stress.com/mccbt.

Event Details

February 12, 2021
8:30 am - 12:00 pm UTC-5
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Specific Audience:
Professionals and those in training seeing clients
Event Mindfulness Approach:
Mindful Self Compassion (MSC), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Teacher Profile

Chris Molnar

Chris Molnar

Registered Mar 2020

Area of Expertise

Anxiety Disorders (including PTSD & OCD), Stress-Related Disorders, Interpersonal Relationship Difficulties

Popular Mindfulness Approaches

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)




Pennsylvania PA, United States