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Mindfulness-Oriented Counselling & Psychotherapy (MOCP) Training Certification

May 5, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - August 29, 2023 @ 10:00 pm SMT


“ You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf ” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness has a tremendous effect in promoting wellbeing and reducing stress, anxiety and other life challenges. Modern research has found that by practicing Mindfulness one can bring greater acceptance towards life experiences and awareness of the present moment without getting trapped in their negative thoughts about the past or anxieties of the future.

Mindfulness practices have become a source of much research and clinical applications across a wide swath of psychological therapies, approaches, and interventions. Increasingly, more and more mental health professionals are reading about the benefits their clients may experience if introduced to mindfulness practices as a complementary and integrative practice to their work. Here are a few of the many benefits as shown in research studies:

– Enhanced Wellbeing
– Higher Resiliency
– Improved Attention
– Increased Response Ability, Decreased Reactivity
– Improved Intrapersonal Functioning
– Improved Interpersonal Relationships
– Reduction in Stress
– Reduced Anxiety and Depression

The Centre for Mindfulness has collaborated with Holistic Psychotherapy Centre to launch this four month Mindfulness-Oriented Counselling and Psychotherapy (MOCP) Training Certification Course. We want to encourage and empower therapists to embrace mindfulness practices and approaches to create more self-presence and depth in their work with clients. Mindfulness helps psychotherapists and counsellors to cultivate self-compassion, relieve stress and burnout, increase in self and other acceptance, improved relaitonships and weather the often emotionally difficult work of providing therapy to clients.

Graduates of this course will be issued with the following certificate: Certified Mindfulness-Oriented Mental Health Professional.
Please note that this certificate meets the partial requirement to join the Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification Course (IMTA Accredited) and you will be exempted from Module 1: Theory of Mindfulness.

– Attended and completed an instructor led 8-week mindfulness course such as MBWE, MBSR, or MBCT amongst others. A certificate of completion/attendance will be required as part of application submission.
– Have sustained a daily mindfulness practice.
– Has a minimum of a diploma or degree with instructor led classes (not pre-recorded) in social work, counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry or related field. Your certificate will be required as part of the application submission.

What would be included in the course?

Participants will receive:
– Textbooks
– Practitioner Journal
– Research Papers
– 6hrs of one-on-one Supervision
– Access to Awareness Space App for Mindfulness practices

Requirements to be Certified:
– Pass all the assessments for the modules which include research paper, lesson plan, multiple choice assessments, and peer evaluations amongst others.
– Complete 80% attendance for all modules over the 4 month Coursework
– Complete practicum for one-on-one therapy session with Mindfulness components
– Write a 3000 word self-reflection report on the practicum journey with case presentation, interventions, and session plans amongst others.
– Complete the practicum and self-reflection paper within the 1 year period from the start of the programme.

To Note:
Certification is strictly for use in professional practice in mental health work. It does not certify you to conduct 8-week mindfulness courses or any other mindfulness related/based courses. If you wish to conduct 8-week mindfulness courses, kindly sign up for the Mindfulness Teacher Training course.

Phase 1 consists of coursework which includes Module 1 to 6. Upon completion of this modules, you will be issed with a Certificate of Attendance. Phase 2 consists of Module 7 – Practicum and is a requirement for certification.
Module 1: Theory of Mindfulness*
Module 2: A Mindful Therapist
Module 3: Facilitating Mindfulness Practices
Module 4: Session Planing
Module 5: Mindfulness for Clinical Interventions
Module 6: Mindfulness for Various Life Stages
Module 7: Integration, Practicum and Supervision (Phase 2)
* Mindfulness Teachers who have completed the Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification (MTT) will be exempted from Module 1: Theory of Mindfulness.

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May 5, 2023 @ 7:00 pm SMT
August 29, 2023 @ 10:00 pm SMT
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