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Deepening and Extending the Foundations of Mindfulness

August 21, 2020 - August 27, 2020


Deepening and extending mindfulness practice: Discovering our potential for freedom

How does our practice become a natural way of being in the world? What does walking the path of mindfulness invite and challenge us to embody in our lives? What freedoms are available to us within each moment? Taught over seven days for mindfulness-based teachers with previous retreat experience, this retreat will offer a container within which to inquire into the practical implications of the path of mindfulness in our lives and work.

Our practice and inquiry will be framed around the seven factors that support skilful engagement with everyday life as expressed within Buddhist teaching, as well as drawing on contemporary frameworks. Through our practice we will explore the lived experience of cultivating mindfulness, inquiry, energy, joy, calm, focus and equanimity, and how we can nurture the conditions in our lives for these qualities to sustain. We will touch into the wider conditions of the world in the time we are living, inquiring into the particular contributions that we can make in supporting shifts towards sustainability and social justice. There will be periods of guided and unguided sitting, lying, walking and mindful movement practice, opportunities for informal practice, talks from the teachers, and meetings to explore first person experience with the teachers and their support team.

The retreat will also include each day a short period of carefully guided interpersonal mindfulness practice drawn from Insight Dialogue to enable us to inquire into the teaching themes with the support of a co-meditator. These interpersonal practices, teachings and inquiry will provide an opportunity to bring a greater depth of insightful awareness to the activities of listening and speaking within an overall container of noble silence: a chance to be in community with like-minded people without the need to “be” anyone in particular. There will be opportunities for sharing and connecting at the end of our time together.

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August 21, 2020
August 27, 2020
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